I am an Experience Designer

Currently based in Lucknow - Looking forward to be a part of a great idea

I have a niche for myself which settles in almost everywhere.

What we need is Design thinking

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Everyone expects an 'about me' section here. Why don't I entertain you with a story instead?
When I was young, I lived in a society, much like many others, filled with festivals and celebrations of all sorts. In the vitality that seeped about us, in the many events that took place, I had been involved more than my age would allow me to. Thanks to my Parents.

In one particular event, my father being the head of the society, had to ensure the arrangement. Alas, he fell short at hands and fell ill. There I saw a problem. More than a problem, I saw an opportunity. Arranging the event requisites was beyond satisfying for me. Not just arranging them, ensuring they filled the requisites of the event.
The event was more of a realisation in my career. More than the event being successful, solving the problem made me happier. One of the many reasons I started off to become an experience designer.

Few of my projects -

Applied Ergonomics Project -Improved hand cart for Street Hawkers
Experience Design - Mobile app for Kids
Product Design Project -A lock attachment for half-face helmets
Frugal Design concept - Feasible lighting for rural Indian villages
Exploration with Wirebending
Acting / Cinematography Workshop - "You"

I seek inspiration to build a new and refined direction